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Table 1 Type of beverages and frequency patterns included in the “Beverage Type and Frequency Questionnaire”

From: Sugar-sweetened beverages consumption among New Zealand children aged 8-12 years: a cross sectional study of sources and associates/correlates of consumption

Beverages Consumption frequency A serving size: one glass
Flavoured milk ∙ Never or less than once a month
∙ 1-3 times a month
∙ 1-2 times a week
∙ 3-4 times a week
∙ 5-6 times a week
∙ Once a day
∙ 2 or more times a day
Milkshake or milk drink
Flavoured powdered milk drink
Powdered fruit drink
Fruit drink concentrate/cordial
Flavoured water
Soft/fizzy drink
Soda stream drinks
Energy drinks
Sports drinks
Tea/coffee (sweetened)
Fruit juice
Fruit smoothie