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Table 2 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for Selected Articles

From: Women’s experiences of safety apps for sexualized violence: a narrative scoping review

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
• Research articles including primary research.
• Safety apps related to sexualized violence: any unwanted sexual contact that targets sexuality and is physical and/or psychological in nature perpetrated by a stranger or current or former intimate/dating partner
• Qualitative findings (including qualitative components of mixed methods studies).
• Published in English or French.
• Focused on adult women’s (>18 y/o) experiences of sexualized violence focused safety apps.
• All dates and all countries.
• Research articles that did not include primary research.
• Safety apps not related to sexualized violence.
• Quantitative findings.
• Not published in English or French.
• Data that did not focus on adult women’s (<18 y/o) experiences (only men or not able to extract data on women).
• Literature that did not include empirical data (commentaries, editorials, book reviews).
• Literature/systematic reviews.
• Conference proceedings and dissertations.