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Table 1 Hypotheses to be tested

From: Risk factors for digital stress in German public administrations

Hypothesis Label
1. work full-time more often than part-time or on a marginal basis. Working time
2. are more often civil servants. Civil service
3. are less likely to have managerial responsibilities. Management responsibility
4. were (prior to Covid-19) less likely to be in a home office. Home office
5. are less likely to work in the field. Field service
6. are less satisfied with the on-site work overall. Satisfaction on site
7. are less satisfied with the home office work overall. Home office satisfaction
8. are contacted more often outside of work hours. Contact free time
9. feel less technically supported on-site. Technical support on site
10. feel less technically supported in the home office. Technical support in home office
11. experience less collegial support on-site. Social support on site
12. experience less collegial support in the home office. Social support in the home office
13. resign more often. Resignation
14. are more likely to feel overwhelmed. Excessive demands
15. are more likely to be female. Gender
16. are less educated. Education
17. are younger in age. Age
18. are more likely to have children in the household. Children
19. more often have relatives in need of care. Care