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Table.1 Overview of lesson content

From: Effectiveness of a pre-adolescent inter-generational intervention to address HIV and obesity in South Africa, using a pretest-posttest design

Lesson Content Skills Reinforcing Activity Parent-Student Homework
One: Obesity Healthy body imagea
Underweight, overweight and obesity
Body Mass Index (BMI)
How to measure weight
How to measure height
Interpreting BMI
Diary of a healthy kid
Crossword puzzle
Measure and interpret student’s BMI
Two: Nutrition Healthy eatinga
Food-based dietary guidelinesa
How to interpret a food labela Word search puzzle
Colouring-in picture
Interpret a food label at home
Three: Physical Activity Benefits of physical activity
Heart rate (pulse)
Measuring and interpreting pulse Colouring-in picture Measure and interpret family member’s pulse
Obesity poster activity
Understanding the risks of HIV/AIDS
Reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS Crossword puzzle HIV/AIDS story-writing activity
Five: Communicating about HIV/AIDS Communication
Importance of communication
Healthy ways of communicating
Dealing with discomfort and support for sexual-specific communication Communication game Family communication exercise
  1. Reprinted from Arthur et al. (2020) [29], under a CC licence, with permission from Health Education Journal, original copyright 2020 [29]
  2. aAlready a part of the existing Grade 6 national school curriculum