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Table 1 Overview of included study category and AMSTAR grading

From: National or population level interventions addressing the social determinants of mental health – an umbrella review

Conceptual domain as per Lund et al [32] Relevant social determinant search terms used Amstar 2 Score for reviews (topic of focus)
   High Moderate Low Critically low
Demographic Stigma, prejudice     3 (gender equity)
Economic Employment, income inequality economic development 3 (welfare)    4 (unemployment insurance or benefits)
Neighbourhood Housing, violence, crime, community, neighbourhood, volunteer   1 (housing intervention)   1 (housing provision)
Environmental Conflict, environments, pollution, green/blue spaces, flooding    1 (migration policy)  
Social/Cultural Perinatal, parenting, school/education, internet, nutrition, sleep, physical activity, lifestyle, drugs, alcohol, social isolation, arts culture,     6 (education and awareness, screening, and restricting means to prevent suicide)
1 (parenting)