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Table 1 Sociodemographic Characteristics and Substances Used among Participants (n = 45)

From: A qualitative examination of substance use service needs among people who use drugs (PWUD) with treatment and service experience in Ontario, Canada

Characteristic n (%)
 Men 26 (58%)
 Women 19 (42%)
Mean age 37
Substances used*
 Polysubstance use 32 (71%)
 Cocaine 27 (60%)
 Crack-cocaine 20 (44%)
 Opioids 20 (44%)
 Cannabis 12 (27%)
 Alcohol 11 (24%)
 Methamphetamine(s) 7 (16%)
 Hallucinogens/Party Drugs 4 (9%)
 Benzodiazepines/Sleeping Pills 4 (9%)
  1. *Substances used were not mutually exclusive. Percentages are based on qualitative responses to participants’ ‘most commonly used substance(s)’. Opioids included synthetic and non-synthetic (heroin, morphine) opioids. Methamphetamine(s) included crystal meth and speed. Hallucinogens/party drugs included MDMA, LSD, GHB, Inhalants, and psilocybin. Benzodiazepines included reference to ‘benzos’ as well as specific brand names such as Xanax, or sleeping pills more broadly