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Table 2 Questions, themes, and representative respondent quotes

From: The future of STI screening and treatment for youth: a National Survey of youth perspectives and intentions

Question, Theme n (%)a Representative Quote
Would it be hard for you to get TESTED for chlamydia or gonorrhea if you wanted? (n = 782)b
No 539 (68.9)  
Easy access to care 385 (71.4) “there are clinics everywhere”
Access to insurance/funds 81 (15.0) “I have insurance so I could get tested free”
Importance of health 33 (6.1) “No I want to see if I’m STD free”
Yes 162 (20.7)  
Notification of parents 60 (37.0) “Yes, I am not going to tell my parents I’m sexually active”
Embarrassment/stigma 38 (23.5) “There is some stigma”
Unsure of process or location 39 (24.1) “Yes, as I am not sure how and where to get tested”
Cost/insurance 29 (17.9) “I don’t have health insurance”
Unsure 51 (6.5)  
Unsure of process or location 16 (31.4) “Probably not, but I don’t know where or how to”
If you tested positive, would it be hard for you to get TREATED for chlamydia or gonorrhea? (n = 771)b
No 523 (67.8)  
Access to insurance/funds 216 (41.3) “I have health insurance and am financially stable enough … “
Easy access 202 (38.6) “I have access to many good medical facilities”
Importance of health 41 (7.8) “that is the only option for me to get better and healthy”
Yes 122 (15.8)  
Cost/insurance 51 (41.8) “My health insurance doesn’t cover STDs”
Notification of parents 30 (24.6) “difficult to explain to parents”
Embarrassment/stigma 21 (17.2) “The social stigma surrounding STIs would prevent me from asking for help about any treatment”
Unsure 122 (15.8)  
Unsure of process 29 (23.8) “I don’t know enough about treatment.”
Depends on cost/insurance 23 (18.9) “If my healthcare covers it, then no. If it doesn’t, that’s a different story.”
If you thought you had chlamydia or gonorrhea, where would you go to get treatment? (n = 745)b
Doctor’s office 368 (49.4) “… my PCP for a consultation and to get treated/tested”
Free clinic/Planned Parenthood 106 (14.2) “Planned Parenthood or a walk-in-clinic if … at school”
Hospital 105 (14.1) “university system or other local hospital”
Gynecology/STI doctor 85 (11.4) “My gynecologist, preferably. If I couldn’t schedule an appointment for a while, I’d go to a clinic.”
Unsure 83 (11.1) “I’m not sure, the doctor?”
School clinic 65 (8.7) “If it was during the school year, I would start with on campus health services.”
If you got chlamydia or gonorrhea would you tell your sexual partner(s)? Why or why not? (n = 774)b
Yes 736 (95.1)  
Effects partner 185 (23.9) “it’s not something that only affects you, but anyone else you may have been with”
Morality 180 (23.3) “Yes, that is the right thing to do”
Importance of testing/treatment 146 (18.9) “Absolutely. He would need to get treated/tested too.”
No 16 (2.1)  
Social stigma 10 (62.5) “I would be too ashamed”
  1. aNumbers may not add to 100%, as codes are not mutually exclusive; not all codes are displayed
  2. bN = the number of coded responses to each question; not all respondents answered each question
  3. STI = sexually transmitted infection