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Table 1 Mixed Methods Measures of Program Feasibility and Acceptability

From: The feasibility and acceptability of a classroom-based physical activity program for children attending specialist schools: a mixed-methods pilot study

Source Content Measurement
Teacher post-program online survey Eight quantitative items adapted from the Toybox-study [57, 58] regarding teacher perception of the AJoM program and experience with implementation (see Fig. 2 for the items). A 5-point scale from ‘strongly disagree’ to ‘strongly agree’.
Six custom open-ended (qualitative) survey questions regarding implementation barriers, strengths/weaknesses of the AJoM program, likelihood of continued use, activities commonly used, suggested improvements and other currently operating programs. Written response
Teacher semi-structured phone interview (post-program) Seven interview questions:
How did you find using the program with your class?
Do you see any difference in the way you interact with your students?
Are there any aspects of the program that you preferred to use?
Did the program stimulate any discussion about mind-body connection?
Overall, did you find the program useful? In what way?
Can you imagine integrating this program in your teaching practice?
Do you have any suggestions for improvements to the program?
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