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Table 1 Selected zones, regions and districts per country

From: Reducing physical and emotional violence by teachers using the intervention Interaction Competencies with Children – for Teachers (ICC-T): study protocol of a multi-country cluster randomized controlled trial in Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda

Country Zone Region District
Tanzania Eastern/Coastal Lindi Kilwa District Council
Lakes Mwanza Mwanza City Council
Southern Highlands Iringa Iringa District Council
Uganda Central Buganda Kayunga District
Western Toro Kasese District
Northern Acholi Pader District
Ghana Southern Central Mfantseman Municipality
Middle Bono East Techiman Municipality
Northern North East Bunkpurugu District
  1. Notes: Three zones each were randomly selected from the six zones in Tanzania (Northern, Eastern/Coastal, Central, Lakes, Southern Highlands, Zanzibar) and from the four zones in Uganda (Central, Western, Eastern, Northern). As a geographical division into three belts (Southern, Middle, Northern) is common in Ghana, each belt was included at this sampling stage. In Uganda, the region Buganda is equivalent to the Central zone