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Table 3 Leadership-level Intervention: Contact Points with Leadership Representatives

From: Implementation of an organizational intervention to improve low-wage food service workers’ safety, health and wellbeing: findings from the Workplace Organizational Health Study

Module(s) Contact Points Participants Objectives
Project Introduction and Module Coordination Two in-person meetings Senior VPs representing Health and Safety, Human Resources and Operations Introduce study; co-develop a shared vision for the intervention; identify potential internal resources
Safety and Ergonomics, Work Intensity, Job Enrichment Four telephone meetings District Managers Quarterly meetings for reviewing module assessment reports, identifying internal resources for addressing site level priorities, supporting Site Manager participation
Safety and Ergonomics (S&E) Two in-person meetings
Two telephone meetings
Health and Safety leadership Provide input on the development of the S&E walkthrough assessment; align priorities with ongoing internal safety audits; review aggregate walkthrough findings; identify existing company resources and opportunities for addressing areas identified for improvement
Work Intensity (WI) Four telephone meetings Human Resources and Operations leadership Review and discuss policies, practices and resources; explore challenges and opportunities to address WI across sites
Job Enrichment (JE) Five telephone meetings
One in-person meeting
Human Resources and Operations leadership Review available tools and resources and consider adaptations for use with frontline workers; identify opportunities to highlight performance goals and career advancement