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Table 1 Covid-19 health states, descriptions and disability weights [9]

From: Estimating the direct Covid-19 disability-adjusted life years impact on the Malta population for the first full year

Health state


Disability weight (95% uncertainty interval)


Has infection but does not experience any symptoms



(Community; seeking healthcare assistance)

Has symptoms and causing some difficulty with the daily activities. Does not require hospital admission.

0.051 (0.032–0.074)

Severe (Hospitalised; non-intensive care)

Has symptoms and causing great difficulty with daily activities.

0.133 (0.088–0.190)

Critical (Hospitalised; intensive care)

Intensive care admission with or without respiratory support

0.655 (0.579–0.727)

Post-acute consequences

Person still feels symptoms such as tired, fatigue, pain all over body, persisting after the acute infection

0.219 (0.148–0.308)