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Table 1 Characterization of the corpus

From: Public engagement in health technology assessment in Brazil: the case of the public consultation on National Clinical Guidelines for Care in Normal Birth

Corpus Total
Number of text1 303
Number of TS2 1233
Number of occurrences3 34,185
Number of word forms4 4248
Number of Lemmata5 2979
Number of active forms6 2788
Number of supplementary forms7 178
Number of Hapaxes8 1272 (3.72%)
TS classification9 1081 (87.67%)
  1. LEGEND: 1 number of texts in the public consultation; 2 number of text segment considered by IRaMuTeQ; 3 number of words in the corpus; 4 number of word forms in the corpus. 5 number of types by headwords; 6 the main words in the corpus; 7 number of words identified as supplementary form in the corpus; 8 words used just once in the corpus; 9 a measure of text retention (TS identified by IRaMuTeQ)
  2. Source: Elaborated by the authors