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Table 2 Themes on abandoning housing topics in Birmingham, Alabama 2016 focus groups

From: A community-engaged approach to understanding environmental health concerns and solutions in urban and rural communities

Topics Themes
Reason(s) persist Authorities are unresponsive or they do not follow through (5 groups)
Government maintenance is limited/slow (4 groups)
Money issues (4 groups)
Problems involved in buying/selling/tearing down (3 groups)
Abandon house owners do not pay taxes (2 groups)
Unequitable distribution of government resources, wealthy areas rezoning poor streets to Birmingham (2 groups)
Owners neglect maintenance (1 group)
Lack of specifying maintenance instructions for owners (1 group)
Abandoned houses are not government priority (1 group)
Issues with outsiders buying and selling drugs in neighborhoods (1 group)
Need to communicate with government, not just neighbors (1 group)
Population decreases (1 group)
Racism (1 group)
Difficulty attending city council meetings (1 group)
Solutions at individual level Long-term Participate in the community/neighborhood (2 groups)
Buy or mortgage abandon houses/lots (2 groups)
Rehab nearby abandon lots/ houses (1 group)
Short-term Attend city council meetings (4 groups)
Contact government and report issues (4 groups)
Individuals maintain nearby abandon lots/ houses (2 groups)
Pressure authorities to act (1 group)
Curfew for kids (1 group)
Sell the properties (1 group)
Specify whom to contact about the abandoned home (1 group)
Solutions at neighborhood level Long-term Hold authorities accountable (2 groups)
Community support city council representative (1 group)
Engage community (1 group)
Neighborhoods work together to address issue, establish a community residents council (1 group)
Short-term Community work together to clean up neighborhood (1 group)
Raise awareness (1 group)
Community council inform government about residents’ concerns (1 group)
Solutions at government level Long-term Government confiscates, tears down abandoned houses (5 groups)
Transfer ownership to people who will maintain them (4 groups)
Build new homes or homeless shelter after tearing down, build new parks for kids in abandoned lots (4 groups)
Engage community (2 groups)
Address abandoned houses to also address crime (1 group)
Provide proper funding (1 group)
Hire more government personnel to maintain/tear down (1 group)
City and county governments work together (1 group)
Adopt anti-blight ordinance (1 group)
Short-term Patrol abandoned houses (3 groups)
City aids with maintenance (3 groups)
Charge penalties for lack of maintenance (2 groups)
Inform residents what is being done (1 group)
Investigating ownership of abandoned houses (1 group)
City oversees abandoned houses (1 group)