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Table 2 Limit concentration of each air pollutant according to the WHO and to the Lebanese Ministry of Environment

From: Association between exposure to ambient air pollution and occurrence of inflammatory acne in the adult population

Outdoor air pollutants WHO guidelines [12] Lebanese Ministry of Environment averages [29]
NO2 40 μg/m3 annual mean
200 μg/m3 1-h mean
100 μg/m3 annual mean
150 μg/m3 24-h mean
200 μg/m3 1-h mean
SO2 20 μg/m3 24-h mean
500 μg/m3 10-min mean
80 μg/m3 annual mean
120 μg/m3 24-h mean
350 μg/m3 1-h mean
CO 10 mg/m3 8-h mean
30 mg/m3 1-h mean
10,000 μg/m3 8-h mean
30,000 μg/m3 1-h mean
O3 100 μg/m3 8-h mean 100 μg/m3 8-h mean
150 μg/m3 1-h mean
PM2.5 10 μg/m3 annual mean
25 μg/m3 24-h mean
PM10 20 μg/m3 annual mean
50 μg/m3 24-h mean
80 μg/m3 24-h mean