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Table 1 Preprocessing of control variables

From: How does air pollution affect urban settlement of the floating population in China? New evidence from a push-pull migration analysis

Variables Processing
Panal A: City level
Lnpgdp Logarithm of GDP per capita
Unemployment Unemployment rate
Undergraduate Number of college students per 10,000 people
Pop City population at the end of the year
Perroad Road area per capita
Rubbish The decontamination rate of urban refuse
Migrate 1-East to east
2-Mid-west to east
3-East to mid-west
4-Mid-west to mid-west
Panal B: Individual level
 Education 1-Primary and below Status 1-Employee
2-Junior school   2-Employer
3-Senior school   3-Self-employment
4-college and above   4-Others
 Marriage 0-Unmarried Income 1-Less than 4200
1-Married   2–4200-6000
 Family 1-Single   3–6000-9000
2-Spouse   4–9000 and above
3-Child House 1-Free housing
4-Parents   2-Tenement
4-Others   3-Self-buying
Hukou 0-Urban Medical insurance 0-No
1-Rural   1-Yes
 Range 0-Inter-provincial Social security card 0-No
1-Intra-provincial   1-Yes
 Duration Duration of this migration