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Table 1 Breakdown of age and employment position of participants

From: Beyond the “information deficit model” - understanding vaccine-hesitant attitudes of midwives in Austria: a qualitative study

Age Distribution Employment Position
20–29 years 1 Independent midwives (I_M) 6
30–19 years 2 Attending midwives (A_M)a 2
40–49 years 4 SHI-contracted midwives (SHI_M)b 4
50–59 years 5 Hospital-based midwivesc 0
  12   12
  1. aBoth attending midwives also worked as independent midwives.
  2. bOf the four midwives who upheld contracts directly with the SHI, three also worked as independent midwives.
  3. cHospital-based (attending) midwives who do not also work independently were not included in this study