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Table 1 Sexual rights’ domains

From: Young migrants’ sexual rights in Sweden: a cross-sectional study

Guttmacher-Lancet commission points Domains explored in this study Issues included in this domain
1. Achieve the highest attainable standard of sexual health, including access to sexual and reproductive health services The right to the highest attainable sexual health and access to SRH services Self-rated sexual health, refraining from SRH services, perception of services and satisfaction with services
2. Seek, receive, and impart information related to sexuality
3. Receive comprehensive, evidence-based, sexuality education
The right to access information and education about SRHR Ability to retrieve new information about SRHR and the ability to get contraceptives when needed
4. Have their bodily integrity respected The right to bodily integrity, free from coercion and violence Exposure to sexual violence
5. Choose their sexual partner
6. Decide whether to be sexually active or not
7. Engage in consensual sexual relations
8. Choose whether, when, and whom to marry
9. Enter into marriage with free and full consent and with equality between spouses in and at the dissolution of marriage
10. Make free, informed, and voluntary decisions about their sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity
The right to make free, informed decisions about sexuality and sexual relations The ability to choose a sexual partner without restrictions.
11. Pursue a satisfying, safe, and pleasurable sexual life, free from stigma and discrimination The right to a satisfying and safe sexual life, free from stigma and discrimination Satisfaction with sexual life, the ability to have sex in a safe place and to suggest and use methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and discrimination based on sexual identity and orientation