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Table 2 Summary of installation phases and implications for an adapted model

From: On the cost-effectiveness of insecticide-treated wall liner and indoor residual spraying as additions to insecticide treated bed nets to prevent malaria: findings from cluster randomized trials in Tanzania

Item Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Adapted Model
Dates 10 Aug 2015–4 Dec 2015 5 Dec 2015–15 Jan 2016 16 Jan 2016–29 Feb 2016 Future
Sensitization Community meetings Door-to-door Door-to-door & distribution of brochures Community meetings, megaphone, door-to-door, radio, posters, involvement of community leaders, NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, political and religious leaders, and district and regional officials
Installers’ protective equipment Non-breathable nylon gloves & inadequate supplies of overalls, safety glasses, & masks. Adequate supplies of protective equipment Adequate overalls, safety glasses, masks, & flexible breathable nylon gloves
Management Transportation delays, late payments to installers, unclear contracts, procurement shortfalls & inadequate supervision Delays in payments to installers Clear contracts, timely payments to installers, efficient procurement, carefully supervised staff & organizations, including sub-contracting some activities to experienced organizations
  1. NGO denotes non-governmental organization, CBO denotes community-based organization, FBO denotes faith-based organization