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Table 5 Outcome, moderators, and time of data collection

From: IMplementation and evaluation of the school-based family support PRogram a Healthy School Start to promote child health and prevent OVErweight and obesity (IMPROVE) – study protocol for a cluster-randomized trial

Indicator Time of data collection
2021 2022 2023 2024
School characteristics June    
Parents’ demographic data
Fidelity to HSS components
October (C1) October (C2)
June (C1)
June (C2)  
Acceptability September June June June
Appropriateness September June June June
Feasibility September June June June
Organisational readiness September June June June
Fidelity to implementation strategies   May May May
Child height and weight December (C1) December (C2) December (C1) December (C2)
Child diet October (C1) June (C1) October (C2) June (C1 + C2) June (C2)
Parents’ T2D risk October (C1) June (C1) October (C2) June (C1 + C2) June (C2)
Parental feeding practices October (C1) June (C1) October (C2) June (C1 + C2) June (C2)
  1. C cohort of children