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Table 4 Indicators of fidelity to the HSS components

From: IMplementation and evaluation of the school-based family support PRogram a Healthy School Start to promote child health and prevent OVErweight and obesity (IMPROVE) – study protocol for a cluster-randomized trial

Component Adherence (%)
Dose (%) Participant responsiveness (scale 1–5) Quality of delivery
Brochure with health information Parents reading the brochure (P)a NA Parents’ appreciation of the brochure (P)b NA
Motivational Interview (MI) Parents receiving MI (N)a NA Parents’ appreciation of health counselling (P)b Quality of MI score coded according to MITI 4.2 (C)
Classroom component Teachers providing the classroom component (T)a Proportion of classroom lessons performed (T)
Proportion of lesson completion (T)
Teachers’ perceived child involvement and engagement (T)
Parent’s appreciation of the homework (P)b
T2D test Parents doing the test (P)a
Parents with a high risk that subsequently attend health care (P)
NA Parents’ appreciation of the test (P)b NA
Total score Total sum score
NA Total sum score
  1. Informants: T teacher; C coder; P parents, N school nurse
  2. NA not assessed
  3. aIncluded in the adherence score (primary outcome)
  4. bIncluded in the responsiveness score (primary outcome)