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Table 1 Description of potential stakeholders

From: Stakeholder-engaged research: strategies for the prevention and control of overweight and obesity in Kenya

Overall description
Members of teams that look at preventive and early intervention strategies for NCD control focusing on diseases or risk factors such as high body mass.
Description of various stakeholders
 • Head of Division NCDs, Ministry of Health (MoH), Kenya
 • Head of Health Promotion Unit, MoH, Kenya
 • Standards and Quality Assurance directorate, MoH
 • A member (or members) from any health advisory committees recommended by the MoH Heads of divisions above.
 • Other MoH officials - representatives from various divisions who would be involved in making choices of what strategies to implement and in what order. For example, officers from health economics, data, and statistics.
 • Representatives from other relevant agencies such as Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
 • Representatives from influential and credible bodies that the MoH would recommend
 • Representatives from Civil Society
 • Medical Research Council representative
 • An officer from the treasury who interacts with the health budget or activities
 • A health counterpart in the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
 • External partners for example, WHO health representative overseeing NCD control or health promotion
 • Academic experts in health systems management and health economics drawn from universities in Kenya.