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Table 1 Data obtained by Hermes system

From: Analyzing the reach of public health campaigns based on multidimensional aspects: the case of the syphilis epidemic in Brazil

Data Source Indicator Acquired From Range of Time
Campaign Data Invoices Daily campaigns actions Manually Inserted into Hermes through a user interface Nov, 2018 to Mar, 2019
E-news Google Custom Search Engine Number of syphilis online news posts indexed by Google Hermes Consuming API Jan, 2015 to Dec, 2019
Interest Over Time Google Trends Amount of search activity using the term ‘sífilis’ on Google Hermes Consuming API Jan, 2017 to Dec, 2019
Online Course Data AVASUS Number of Online Courses offered by the government about syphilis, and the students enrolled on them Hermes Consuming API Feb, 2019 to Sep, 2020
Serological tests SIA/SUS/MoH Number of Serological tests (non-treponemal and treponemal tests) for syphilis in PHCs Hermes via Web Scrapy Jan, 2017 to Dec, 2019
Medication Distribution SISMAT/MoH Number of Benzathine Penicillin distributed Hermes via CVSs Files Mar, 2016 to Dec, 2020
Case Notification SINAN/MoH Number of notified cases of acquired syphilis, syphilis in pregnant women, and congenital syphilis Hermes via CVSs Files Jan, 2015 to Dec, 2019