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Table 1 Explaining the Importance of Oral Health, Inappropriate oral health, and its impact on quality of life from the perspective of literature review

From: Design, implementation, and evaluation of a PRECEDE-PROCEED model-based intervention for oral and dental health among primary school students of Rafsanjan city: a mixed method study

Dimensions of quality of life Example References
Physical dimension The incidence of diseases, halitosis, speech and taste impairment, reduced growth, the risk of malnutrition, sleep and smile disturbance, impairment in learning, failure to do daily homework, disorder in the game [20,21,22,23]
Psychological dimension Reduction of self-esteem and self-confidence, incidence of anxiety, stress, depression, feeling restless and chaotic, dissatisfaction with mental imagery and general appearance, lack of sense of well-being and emotional health, humiliation feeling, shame and embarrassment [24,25,26]
Social dimension Disruption of communication and social interactions, lack of social participation (like recreational programs), social rejection and labeling, absence from school and work, disruptions in career and academic performance, impact on the quality of family life [27,28,29]
Economic dimension Impact on the economic situation of the family, impose economic costs [30, 31]