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Table 5 Date of First Case and First Significant Government Measure in 2020

From: The COVID-19 pandemic in francophone West Africa: from the first cases to responses in seven countries


Date of first case

Date of measure

Nature of the first significant government measure


16th March

1st March

Border temperature control

Burkina Faso

9th March

3rd March

Prohibition of national and international events

Côte d’Ivoire

13th March

4th March

Establishment of a response plan focusing on epidemiological and biological surveillance, prevention, management of potential patients, information and public awareness of compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures


12th March

25th January

Systematic check-ups upon arrival of travellers at International airport (temperature, hand sanitizer, health questionnaire) and at the port of Conakry.


25th March

19th March

Prohibition of gatherings

Closure of schools and universities


21st March

13th March

Prohibition of gatherings

Self-isolation on return from abroad


2nd March

14th March

Prohibition of gatherings