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Table 3 Code, Operational Definitions, and Code Frequency for Qualitative Analysis of data collected among Customers of North Carolina Healthy Food Small Retailer Program Stores (N = 29)

From: Qualitative perspectives of the North Carolina healthy food small retailer program among customers in participating stores located in food deserts

Code Operational Definitions Number of Interviews where the code Referenced Total Number of References for the Code Illustrative Quote
Change in Food Purchasing Behavior Participant describes changes in their purchasing and consumption of healthier foods based on the HFSRP 29 123 “We buy more fish. We almost never buy meat. We spent a lot of time in the produce section.” [Edgecombe County, Male]
“Instead of getting her [daughter] a piece of pizza, I bought her two bananas” [Bertie County, Female]
Stocking Suggestions for Additional Healthy Food Items Participant describes items they would like to see in the store which are not currently in the store. 28 43 “If they had grilled fish instead of fried fish, I would absolutely buy that instead.” [Bertie County, Female]
Opinions on the NC HFSRP Participant describes what they think about the HFSRP 29 37 “I think it’s wonderful that they [the store] can get something out of it for all they give back.” [Edgecombe County, Male]
Awareness of Current Healthy Food Promotion and Advertising Efforts Participant describes health promotion/ nutrition promotion efforts of the store owner 29 31 “They’ve added these fruits and veggies, and they have some really cool alternative drinks to soda.” [Edgecombe County, Male]
Suggestions for How to Promote Healthy Foods and Beverages in the Future Participant describes other strategies used to make healthier choices easier for customers to make. 29 30 “I think they could use social media to a stronger degree.” [Edgecombe County, Male]
Opinions Concerning NC HFSRP Funding Participant response to whether or not the HFSRP should continue to be funded 28 28 “I think it sounds like a great program to fund.” [Edgecombe County, Female]