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Table 3 Predictors of cumulative COVID-19 death rate per 100,000 residents

From: A risk index for COVID-19 severity is associated with COVID-19 mortality in New York City


βadj (SE)

P value


− 176.12 (61.35)


White residents (%)

−0.91 (0.31)


Hispanic Composition (%)

0.90 (0.38)


Median Age (years)

3.45 (1.74)


Risk Index

5.84 (0.82)

< 0.0001

  1. a Stepwise linear regression was performed, and originally includes white residents, Hispanic composition, median age, risk index, and socioeconomic status index. SES index was removed from the model
  2. Models were adjusted for all variables shown. SE: standard error. The risk index is a sum score of quartiles of asthma prevalence + cancer prevalence (excluding skin cancer) + COPD prevalence + diabetes prevalence + heart disease prevalence + hypertension prevalence + kidney disease prevalence + obesity prevalence + Heart attack prevalence + proportion of the population aged ≥65 years + birthrate prevalence and liver disease (measured by summing quartiles of Hepatitis B prevalence, Hepatitis C prevalence and alcohol hospitalizations prevalence)