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Table 4 Compliance with the public health measures during lockdowns

From: Perceptions of Covid-19 lockdowns and related public health measures in Austria: a longitudinal online survey

On a scale of 1 to 10 (ranging from 1 ‘Not complying at all’ to 10 ‘Complying completely’) please indicate how much were you complying with the following lockdown restrictions?
Lockdown March/April Lockdown November/December
  Not complying at alla Complying completelya   Not complying at alla Complying completelya
Commuting to and from work only when absolutely necessary 5% 83% Restrictions on leaving private living space 8% 58%
Walks only with people living in the same household 5% 73% Distance of one meter in public space for people from different households 3% 71%
Only necessary purchases e.g. groceries, medication 4% 81% Switch to home office wherever possible 13% 67%
No physical contact with family members outside the same household 6% 63% Physical contact only with closest relatives or individual important caregivers 10% 50%
Mouth and nose protection in open business premises and public transport 2% 91% Mouth and nose protection in open business premises and on public transport 1% 95%
  1. Note: Measures with which respondents complied the most are in bold, the least – in italics.
  2. aAnswers related to the complying with the lockdown restrictions reported by the study participants on the 1-10 scale were re-coded to a 5-point scale: 1 – Not complying at all (answers 1, 2), 2 – Not always complying (answers 3, 4), 3 – Neutral (answers 5, 6), 4 – Complying most of the time (answers 7, 8), 5 – Complying completely (answers 9, 10)