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Table 2 Summary of outcomes and measures

From: Mental health and wellbeing coordinators in primary schools to support student mental health: protocol for a quasi-experimental cluster study

Outcome Variable Data source/Measure Participant group Data collection timepoint
MHWC Trainee School staff (INT) School staff (BAU) Years 2 / 4 Teachers Years 2 / 4 Parents T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
Primary Outcome Confidence to support student mental health and wellbeing School Mental Health Self-efficacy Teacher Survey [44]      
Secondary Outcome Perceived levels of support in managing child mental health Study designed     
  Mental health literacy Child Health Poll [45]
Study designed perceived confidence and skills
  Child mental health stigma The Attitudes about Child Mental Health Questionnaire [46]     
  Student mental health and wellbeing Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire [47]
Attitude to Schools Survey [48] and Parent Opinion Survey [49]
  Levels of engagement with DET-based and externally based mental health and wellbeing services Study designed
Attitude to Schools Survey [48] and Parent Opinion Survey [49]
  Prioritisation of child mental health & wellbeing within school’s curriculum & planning Study designed     
  School engagement and perceived mental health support Attitude to Schools Survey [48], Parent Opinion Survey [49] and study designed     
  Level of unmet mental health and wellbeing need within classrooms Study designed        
Process Outcomes Implementation (feasibility, acceptability, appropriateness, reach, fidelity) Acceptability of Intervention Measure, Intervention Appropriateness Measure & Feasibility of Intervention Measure [50]
Focus Groups
  Levels of engagement with MHWC Study designed and Focus Groups       
  Cost Cost inputs (time, resources, Casual Relief Teacher funding)
Data will be obtained from referral activities log, job analysis, focus groups and surveys
Moderators Readiness to implement Readiness to Implement scale [51]         
  MHWC Time allocation FTE allocation; study devised measures         
  School & Participant Characteristics Demographics