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Table 3 Effects of insomnia on depression moderated by work time

From: Effect of long working hours and insomnia on depressive symptoms among employees of Chinese internet companies

Insomnia Depressive symptom
WT: ≤40 h WT: 41–50 h WT: 51–60 h WT: > 60 h
ORa (95%CI) ORa (95%CI) ORa (95%CI) ORa (95%CI)
Positive 1.91 (1.46–2.50) 2.00 (1.61–2.50) 4.62 (2.90–7.37) 5.60 (3.36–9.33)
Nagelkerke R2 0.143 0.191 0.313 0.284
  1. Note: WT work time; ORa odds ratio adjusted by sex, age, education level, marital status, income, exercise frequency, dietary habits, and smoking status. CI confidence interval