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Table 2 Overview of themes and corresponding subthemes

From: Female partner experiences of prostate cancer patients’ engagement with a community-based football intervention: a qualitative study

Main theme Subthemes Initial themes (Sample)
Hope of a new beginning Powerlessness Football as (last) resort
In sickness and in health Fighting back at the disease
Better shape/improved fitness
Fighting to win Infected by partner’s happiness
A new person
My new partner Renewed strength and energy New priority
Roles and responsibilities
Admiration and positive feedback Affection
Planning and anticipation
Much needed sanctuary Adjustment (of other activities)
Support (keeping up motivation)
Football first Mutual commitment Not just for fun/a serious game
Football as a male sport
Personal sacrifices (soccer mom) Restored masculinity
Prostate cancer taboo
Invisible needs Unacknowledged wellbeing Anxiety and worry
Changed structures of daily life
Insecurity Positive competition
Relief of care burden
Focus group therapy Feeling proud