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Table 3 Comparison of efficiency of clustering-based sampling to SRS based on distinct cluster features

From: Introducing an efficient sampling method for national surveys with limited sample sizes: application to a national study to determine quality and cost of healthcare

Variables Sampling efficiency \( \frac{{\mathbf{Variance}}_{\boldsymbol{SRS}}\left(\overline{\boldsymbol{X}}\right)}{{\mathbf{Variance}}_{\boldsymbol{Clustering}}\left(\overline{\boldsymbol{X}}\right)} \)
The ratio of sending referrals to receiving referrals (Patient exchange rate) 1.5
The probability of dying from Stroke (age ≥ 30) 1.7
The probability of dying from COPDa (age ≥ 30) 1.5
The probability of dying from CKDb (age ≥ 30) 1.4
The mortality rate attributed to the adverse effect of medical treatment 1.2
Expected mortality rate to observed mortality rate 1.3
The mortality rate among 1000 hospitalized patients 1.4
  1. a COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  2. b CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease