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Table 1 Focus group results: Themes and modifications to course

From: Development of an online curriculum for California early care and education providers on healthy beverages

Focus group question Response themes Modifications made to course
What information is new to you? What information is helpful? What information is too repetitive? - There is a wide range of baseline knowledge.
- Providers who participate in CACFP and newer providers are more familiar with this content.
- Incorporated ideas for implementing best practices, rather than just sharing information alone.
Is there something you would like to know more about? - Milk: Differences between organic and hormone-free; allergies and intolerances; and nutritional equivalents
- Juice: reading labels, making home-made juice, serving size, concentrates vs. non-concentrated
- Water: bottled water quality, fluoride safety, tap water contaminants
- Non-caloric and artificial sweeteners added sweeteners such as stevia okay?
- Child engagement: involving children is important
- Developed a Health and Safety Note1 on milk that addresses these questions to include with resources.
- Addressed these juice topics in narration and added photos of juice labels and illustrated what to look for.
- Developed a Health and Safety Note on water that addresses these questions to include with resources.
- Addressed question about non-caloric and artificial sweeteners in narration.
- Added more narration about child engagement and developed handout on child engagement and water for the resources.
Would you take this training? What could be improved? - There is more need for parent education than provider education. Allow parents to take final training.
- 15 min would be the ideal length.
- Make sure it is interactive and keeps people’s attention.
- Added more ideas for family engagement.
- Attempted to shorten the length of the course but were unable to include all the necessary information in under 15 min.
- Added interactive games and quizzes and developed the “Dewey the Droplet” character.
  1. 1Health and Safety Notes are written for professionals working in the field of early care and education (ECE). They focus on issues that frequently arise in ECE, such as how to handle a child who bites; specific illnesses and diseases; and best practices for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.