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Table 3 Positive and Negative Percent Agreement with Laboratory Results (Abbott Architect) based on 678 completed HIV Self-Tests

From: An observed, prospective field study to evaluate the performance and acceptance of a blood-based HIV self-test in Canada

True Positive 6
False Negative 0
True Negative 669
False Positive 3
Positive Percent Agreementa 5/5 = 100% (95% CI: 43.6–97.0%)
Negative Percent Agreementb 614/617 = 99.5% (95% CI: 98.6–99.8%)
  1. aOne additional HIV positive subject (ON02–015) had an invalid self-test result due to wiping the fingertip on the rim of bottle 1 then dropped the bottle and spilled most of the contents before adding the remainder to the membrane unit. Abbott Architect results were positive. This invalid was not used in the calculation
  2. bParticipants with invalid self-test results (n = 37) and who indicated “do not know” for the self-test result (n = 18) are not included in the calculation