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Table 3 Community Responses

From: Potentials of community-based early detection of cardiovascular disease risk during the COVID-19 pandemic

Selected Themes (N = 82) n % Representative Quotations
Positive Sentiment
 Increased awareness and informativ 18 22% “By filling in this form, I have more knowledge.”
“Very useful.”
“Very good and helps for a healthy lifestyle.”
“I want to live a healthy life.”
 Positive impression 39 48% “I like this online mechanism.”
“Very good.”
“Very satisfied.”
 Hard to understand the questions 6 7% “The question is difficult to understand.”
“The question needs to be simplified.”
 Too much and wordy questions 15 18% “Too many questions.”
“The question is too wordy.”
 Not agree with online mechanism 1 1% “Actually, through this online filling, (I) don’t agree because some don’t have a cellphone.”
 Improve the tools 3 3% “There are more questions about the symptoms experienced because hypertension is usually the initial symptom with dizziness, so it can be distinguished that a headache is a symptom of hypertension or just a normal headache.”