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Table 5 Interaction between stressful life events and stress management skills. in southern Chinese allergy study

From: Association of stress management skills and stressful life events with allergy risk: a case-control study in southern China

Stress management skills P for interaction
Multiplicative Additive
Total stress management skills 0.255 0.006
Accept those things in my life that I cannot change 0.019 0.113
Use specific methods to control stress 0.936 0.685
Concentrate on pleasant thoughts at bedtime 0.286 0.006
Pace myself to prevent tiredness 0.023 <0.001
Get enough sleep 0.802 0.193
Take some time for relaxation each day 0.812 0.517
Balance time between work and play 0.489 0.008
Practise relaxation or meditation for 15–20 min daily 0.699 0.170
  1. Significant differences are highlighted in bold