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Table 1 Loading matrix from an exploratory factor analysis for the questionnaire measuring physical competences

From: Associations between previous sport and exercise experience and physical literacy elements among physically inactive Danes

  Basic movement competences Ball competences
Jumping in a straight line 0.96 −0.04
Sprinting in a straight line 0.92 −0.12
Jumping three times on your right leg and then on your left 0.92 −0.04
Running in a straight line 0.90 −0.02
Jumping forward from a standing position 0.87 0.09
Jumping up in the air from a standing position 0.85 0.09
Sidestepping on a straight line 0.74 0.12
Balancing on a bench on one leg 0.70 0.12
Jumping over a small obstacle 0.61 0.31
Catching a tennis ball with two hands −0.09 0.90
Throwing an overhead throw with a tennis ball −0.04 0.89
Rolling a ball along the floor with underhand grip 0.02 0.83
Dribbling a ball with your hand five times in a row in a standing position 0.03 0.79
Kicking a ball placed in front of you on the floor 0.20 0.70
Hitting a non-moving object in front of you at hip height with a bat 0.18 0.69
  1. Loadings on intended factor bolded