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Table 1 Levels of Rosenblatt’s Engagement Pyramid [20] and adaptation for use in Change4Campbelltown

From: Tracking implementation within a community-led whole of system approach to address childhood overweight and obesity in south west Sydney, Australia

Engagement Level Adapted definition
Observing Sporadic communication with Change4Campbelltown project team. Follows/likes social media accounts, has indicated interest in a network meeting or outreach effort yet has not attended any specific events or provided personal contact details for the purpose of the initiative.
Following Sporadic communication with Change4Campbelltown project team. Stakeholder occasionally interacts directly with general communications that interest them – such as newsletters, emails, etc.
Endorsing Knowingly supports action. Understands and supports the initiative without actively contributing to change. Attends events/workshops but shows limited engagement. Commits to short term actions e.g. coming back to another workshop
Contributing Working on or part of a team working on an action. Attends events and willingly shares related information through networks. Is committed to the cause and passionate about specific action.
Owning Stakeholder is leading systems change and willingly seeks further opportunity to do so. Understands the approach and will advocate to others for support. Ongoing commitment to Change4Campbelltown, becomes embedded in work/everyday life. Understands joint responsibility ‘we’ instead of ‘you’.
Leading Acts and advocates to others, for action to make the healthier choice the easier choice but also the wider systems approach. Displays a level of ownership over the initiative and provides feedback for future direction. Stakeholder has evidence that organisational or personal capacity is being directed to engaging new people into Change4Campbelltown activities, and training/building capacity within the initiative.