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Table 2 Sources of measures data per country

From: COVID-19 pandemic spread against countries’ non-pharmaceutical interventions responses: a data-mining driven comparative study

Country Sources Country Sources
Australia AUS1, AUS2, AUS3, AUS4 Japan JPN1, JPN2, JPN3, JPN4
Austria AUT1, AUT2, AUT3 Latvia LVA1, LVA2, LVA3, LVA4, LVA5, LVA6
Belgium BEL1, BEL2 Lithuania LTU1, LTU2, LTU3, LTU4, LTU5, LTU6, LTU7
Brazil BRA1, BRA2 Luxembourg LUX1, LUX2, LUX3, LUX4, LUX5, LUX6, LUX7, LUX8, LUX9, LUX10, LUX11, LUX12, LUX13, LUX14
Bulgaria BGR1, BGR2, BGR3, BGR4, BGR5, BGR6 Malta MLT1, MLT2, MLT3, MLT4, MLT5, MLT6
Canada CAN1, CAN2, CAN3, CAN4 Netherlands NLD1, NLD2, NLD3, NLD4, NLD5, NLD6
China Not included New Zealand NZL1, NZL2, NZL3, NZL4
Croatia HRV1, HRV2, HRV3, HRV4 Norway NOR1, NOR2
Cyprus CYP1, CYP2, CYP3, CYP4 Poland POL1, POL2, POL3
Czechia CZE1, CZE2 Portugal PRT1, PRT2, PRT3, PRT4, PRT5, PRT6
Denmark DNK1, DNK2 Romania ROM1, ROM2, ROM3, ROM4
Egypt EGY1, EGY2, EGY3 Russia RUS1, RUS2, RUS3
Estonia EST1, EST2 Singapore SGP1, SGP2, SGP3
Finland FIN1, FIN2 Slovakia SVK1, SVK2, SVK3
France FRA1, FRA2, FRA3, FRA4, FRA5, FRA6 Slovenia SVL1, SVL2
Germany DEU1, DEU2, DEU3 South Africa ZAF1, ZAF2, ZAF3, ZAF4, ZAF5
Greece GRC1, GRC2, GRC3, GRC4, GRC5, GRC6, GRC7 South Korea KOR1, KOR2, KOR3, KOR4
Hungary HUN1, HUN2, HUN3 Spain ESP1, ESP2, ESP3
Iceland ISL1, ISL2, ISL3 Sweden SWE1, SWE2
India IND1, IND2, IND3 Switzerland CHE1, CHE2, CHE3, CHE4, CHE5
Iran IRN1, IRN2 Taiwan TWN1, TWN2, TWN3, TWN4
Ireland IRL1, IRL2, IRL3, IRL4, IRL5, IRL6 Turkey TUR1, TUR2, TUR3
Israel ISR1, ISR2 United Kingdom GBR1, GBR2, GBR3
Italy ITA1, ITA2, ITA3 United States of America USA1, USA2, USA3, USA4
Global sources GLR1, GLR2, GLR3, GLR4, GLR5, GLR6, GLR7, GLR8