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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Newspaper coverage of food insecurity in UK, 2016–2019: a multi-method analysis

  Include Exclude
Article type Articles that have had some editorial input (e.g. news articles, feature articles, letters from readers, opinions) Reader-generated online comments
Context Articles about real people and situations TV listings or articles related to TV dramas, films, or fictional characters; articles about food insecurity in animals
Topic Articles that are substantively about food insecurity – the problem, its drivers, or solutions Articles that are not substantively about food insecurity i.e. mentioned in passing
Country Articles about food insecurity in the UK Articles about food insecurity in countries other than the UK
Unit of measurement Articles about food insecurity at the household or individual level Articles about food insecurity at the national or global level e.g. main topic is UK’s self-sufficiency in food production