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Table 1 Ideational Variables

From: Understanding family planning outcomes in northwestern Nigeria: analysis and modeling of social and behavior change factors

Dimension Domain Likert-scale statement or question Definition (from Kincaid et al)
Cognitive Knowledge - Contraception benefit for children?
- Contraception benefits for self?
- Side effects from using contraception are normal and usually go away in a few months.
- A woman’s body is not ready for childbirth until she is 18.
- Women over 35 have a higher risk of complications during pregnancy and shortly after birth.
Beliefs (attitude) - Couples who use a modern contraception have better quality of life. Beliefs about an object or behavior
Values (attitude) - Do you personally approve of using contraception for spacing births?
- It is important that husbands and wives discuss contraception.
Values that specify its positive or negative consequences
Contraceptive Myths - Use of some contraceptives can make a woman permanently infertile.
- Contraceptives can harm a woman’s womb.
- Contraceptives can reduce a man’s sexual urge.
- Contraceptives reduce a woman’s sexual urge.
- Contraceptives can cause cancer.
- Contraceptives can give you deformed babies.
- Women who use contraception end up with health problems.
- Women who use contraceptives may become promiscuous.
Subjective Norms - People will call you bad names if they know you use contraception.
- q326 Religious leaders should speak publicly about modern contraception.
- Most couples in my community use modern methods for spacing.
What an individual thinks others expect him/her to do as well as what an individual thinks other people are doing (social norms)
Emotional Self-efficacy - How confident are you to convince your husband/partner to use modern FP?
- How confident are you to use a modern method even if your partner disagrees?
Beliefs in one’s capability to organize and execute the course of action required to manage prospective situations.
Social Social influence - Who decides if you use a contraceptive method? (self alone, partner, both)
- Besides yourself, who else influences your decision to use family planning? (husband, mother-in-law, mother, health care provider)
Encompasses all interpersonal processes by which other people persuade someone to behave a certain way, as well as influence that occurs by social modeling by others