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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies

From: No prescription? No problem: drivers of non-prescribed sale of antibiotics among community drug retail outlets in low and middle income countries: a systematic review of qualitative studies

Citation Country Data collection methods Sample size Participants Study purpose
Erku et al. (2018) [24] Ethiopia In depth-interview 13 Pharmacist/ Pharmacy assistant To examine motivations behind dispensing antibiotics without prescription
Gebretekele et al. (2016) [40] Ethiopia In depth-interview 5 Pharmacist/ Pharmacy assistant/druggist To explore reasons for OTC sales of antibiotics
Salim et al. (2017) [41] Sudan Face to face interview 30 Pharmacist To explore reasons for non-prescription sales of antibiotics
Dillip et al. (2015) [39] Tanzania In depth-interview 84 Dispensers-owner and only dispenser To explore the motivations for antibiotic dispensing
Bahnassi et al. (2015) [46] Syria Semi-structured face to face interview - 147 Pharmacist To explore attitudes and practices in regard to antibiotic dispensing without prescription
Asghar et al. (2020) [42] Pakistan In depth interview 16 Pharmacy workers To investigate the reasons that drive the inappropriate dispensing of antibiotics
Barker et al. (2017) [43] India In depth- Interview 20 Pharmacy workers To explore factors that drive inappropriate antibiotic dispensing
Nga et al. (2014) [48] Vietnam Focus group discussion and in-depth interview 6 Pharmacy staff To explore factors that impact inappropriate antibiotic dispensing
Kotwani et al. (2014) [44] India Focus group discussion 40 Pharmacist To understand the antibiotics dispensing practices and behaviour
Kotb et al. (2018) [47] Egypt In depth-interview 25 Pharmacist To explore the underlying causes of the sales of antibiotics without prescriptions
Saleem et al. (2019) [45] Pakistan In depth-interview 12 Pharmacist To explore the determinants of AMR and the pattern of antimicrobial dispensing
Wang et al. (2020) [49] China In depth-interview 44 Key informants (pharmacists, FDA officials, residents) To explore the determinants of non-prescription dispensing of antibiotics