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Table 1 Impacts and experiences identified by participants for community subpopulations

From: Experiences and expectations regarding COVID-19 prevention and control measures among the hill tribe population of northern Thailand: a qualitative study

Category Positive experiences Negative experiences Expectations
Children - Spending time with their parents and family members
-Improved personal hygiene practices
-Difficulty accessing distance learning -Receiving financial support from the government
-People, including all leaders, should be strongly involved in prevention and control measures to protect people from infection
-People expect to receive a vaccine
-People need to protect the immigrant population in this time, particularly people from high incident areas such as Myanmar
Women -Having a closer relationship among family members -Losing jobs and facing family finance problems
-Working difficult and harder jobs on the farm to maintain the source of family food
- Less opportunity to visit and care for older parents
Working population - Spending time with family members
-The opportunity to protect community members from the disease through involvement in prevention and control implementation
-Losing jobs and having financial problems
-Losing the opportunity to join community and religious activities
- Having family financial problems
-Losing the opportunity to obtain compensation from the government for those who have not been granted Thai ID cards
Elderly people - Maintaining close relationships with family members who live together -Losing the opportunity to join community and religious activities.
- Difficulty accessing medical care
-Some people have no offspring to care for them during this difficult time