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Table 2 Thematic analysis summary – themes of challenge participant outcomes

From: The Body Confident Mums challenge: a feasibility trial and qualitative evaluation of a body acceptance program delivered to mothers using Facebook

Theme Sub-themes Example quote
1 Internal shift in mindset 1a. Body appreciation “I really appreciate my breasts as they have feed & comforted my youngest daughter for two and a half years & still going strong, which I am so proud of”
1b. Focus on body function “I like my legs - they get me around everywhere, I love walking and running at the beach, they are getting stronger with running”
1c. Gratitude “I am grateful for my eyes, I don’t need glasses(yet) and they let me see the beautiful lives I created. No matter how tired I am they still open in the middle of the night when I’m needed. I love watching my babies grow”
1d. Positive re-framing “It’s ok to feel overwhelmed as a parent (it’s relentless) and being a good mum is not synonymous with being perfect”
1e. Shift in mindset “I feel a shift in my mindset is happening - that I am beginning to appreciate my body more”
2 External shifts in perspective 2a. Reclaiming body “Talking about what my body can do and appreciating it felt like reclaiming my space, reclaiming my body and honouring it in a way. It helped me drop the resentment and feel like this is my body, it’s my choice and I choose to be here”
2b. Role-modelling “Learning to love my body and what it can do is the best way I can help my children love themselves”
2c. Focus on the bigger picture “The creases around your eyes reflect the laughter and smiles you’ve had over the last 3 decades”
3 Change in how I treat myself 3a. Pride in self “Instead of seeing what I dislike, I see what my body has achieved and makes me feel proud. It shows me that my body is more than just the negative parts that I see of it”
3b. Self-care “I’m finally starting to learn that in order for my girls to have the happy and healthy mum they deserve, I need to take care & look after myself too”
3c. Self-compassion “You’ve done your best. You are loved. You are making a difference. This is your journey and no one expects perfection”
4 Increased self-awareness 4a. Internal bodily awareness “At the end of the day when I could choose to do this task or go to bed early, I listened to my body”
4b. Mindfulness “If I feel bad about part of my body I acknowledge this feeling without judgement and move on”
4c. Self-awareness “I realised I hadn’t given much thought to my body other than how it looks, or when it doesn’t work properly. What about all the amazing things it does do?”
4d. Self-reflection “It’s so funny to actually put thoughts onto paper - it’s makes you think and question what you’re actually saying”