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Table 2 Means (SD) for Public Service Motivation (PSM), Challenge Stress (CHS), Hindrance Stress (HS), Supervisor Support (SS) and Coworker Support (CS) items

From: How does social support affect public service motivation of healthcare workers in China: the mediating effect of job stress

Variable Item Mean SD
PSM1. Meaningful public service is very important to me. 4.05 0.76
PSM2. I am often reminded by daily events about how dependent we are on one another. 3.91 0.82
PSM3. Making a difference in society means more to me than personal achievements. 3.75 0.87
PSM4. I am prepared to make sacrifices for the good of society. 3.40 1.03
PSM5. I am not afraid to go to bat for the rights of others even if it means I will be ridiculed. 3.46 0.95
Challenge stress (1–6) CHS1. The number of projects and/or assignments I have 3.59 0.85
CHS2. The amount of time I spend at work 3.62 0.84
CHS3. The volume of work that must be accomplished in the allotted time 3.51 0.88
CHS4. Time pressures I experience 3.57 0.85
CHS5. The amount of responsibility I have 3.63 0.87
CHS6. The scope of responsibility my position entails 3.51 0.86
Hindrance stress (1–5) HS1. The degree to which politics rather than performance affects organizational decisions 2.81 1.13
HS2. The inability to clearly understand what is expected of me on the job 2.33 1.06
HS3. The amount of red tape I need to go through to get my job done 3.18 1.06
HS4. The lack of job security I have 3.15 1.14
HS5. The degree to which my career seems “stalled” 3.05 1.08
Supervisor support
SS1. My supervisor is helpful to me in getting the job done. 3.80 0.90
SS2. My supervisor is willing to extend himself/herself to help me perform my job. 3.69 0.92
SS3. My supervisor takes pride in my accomplishments at work. 3.51 0.91
SS4. My supervisor tries to make my job as interesting as possible. 3.39 0.96
Coworker support
CS1. My coworkers listen to me when I need to talk about work-related problems. 3.81 0.77
CS2. My coworkers help me with difficult tasks. 3.83 0.78
CS3. My coworkers help me in crisis situations at work. 3.93 0.88
  1. R” indicates a negatively phrased and reverse scored item