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Table 2 Reported harm reduction techniques during drug use and/or sex on drugs

From: Sex, drugs and techno – a qualitative study on finding the balance between risk, safety and pleasure among men who have sex with men engaging in recreational and sexualised drug use

Harm reduction techniques
Controlled intake (short-term management) • Identify correct individual dosing.
• Dosing schedules
• Tracking dosing using mobile phone
• Synchronizing dosing with friends
• Avoiding mixing drugs and alcohol or other perceived harmful combinations of drugs
Knowledge about drug use • Learning about drug effects on the body
• Learning how to take drugs from experienced friends
• Learning the difference between GHB and GBL
• Being aware that the body responds differently depending on the drug used, quality of the batch, etc.
Pre-decided behaviour rules in order to maintain health long-term • Only take drugs with friends
• Alternate drug us weekends with drug-abstaining weekend
• Drug use frequency (i.e. only once per month)
• Taking drugs only recreationally
• Having chemsex only with people they are comfortable with
• Avoiding to use drug with every sexual partner
• Not injecting drugs
• Not to share injecting tools
• Avoiding drugs for sex
Strategies to handle overdoses • Looking out for each other, club families
• Use of amphetamine to counteract overdose from GHB/GBL or alcohol
• Drinking water if overdosing