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Table 2 Checklist for questions of the interview guide

From: Explaining the reasons for not maintaining the health guidelines to prevent COVID-19 in high-risk jobs: a qualitative study in Iran

No. Questions
1 What do you know about COVID-19? Please explain.
2 Please explain the symptoms, ways of transmission, and how dangerous COVID-19 is.
3 How do you think COVID-19 can be prevented?
4 Did you know that your job is one of the riskiest jobs in this COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, then why are you still working and have not stopped working?
5 Why do not you follow health guidelines?
6 Do you have enough access to hygienic products or are you reluctant to use them yourself? Please explain.
7 Does your employer warn you about observing the health issues? Do they provide you with hygiene items? Explain.
8 Do your colleagues observe health issues? Please explain.
9 What do you think about the performance of officials and television about the information and warnings they provide for people? Do they encourage you to consider health advice? Please explain.
10 What are the most important barriers for you to maintain the health norms? Please explain.