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Table 2 Frequency of themes on the reasons for calling the hotline

From: The qualitative analysis of characteristic of callers to a psychological hotline at the early stage of COVID-19 in China

Themes Subthemes Frequency
n (%)a
Seeking practical help Ask questions about the epidemic itself 198 (12.7)
Ask how to protect themselves from being infected 156 (10.0)
Ask whether their symptoms stood for infection 101 (6.5)
Ask whether they had developed mental disorders 87 (5.6)
Ask information about hospitals and medical care 74 (4.7)
Ask the new policy under the epidemic 45 (2.9)
How to educate their kids 24 (1.5)
Total Seeking practical help 685 (44.0)
Needing support around their emotion The epidemic has made them upset 314 (20.2)
Uncomfortable when knowing the latest information of COVID-19 197 (12.6)
Worried about their life condition including work, study 134 (8.6)
Worried about their family members’ health 96 (6.2)
Scared of being isolated 67 (4.3)
Angry about someone without protective measures 65 (4.2)
Worried about the recurrence of their psychiatric disease 47 (3.0)
Angry about the shortage of protective material 43 (2.8)
Problems of interpersonal relationship, including friends, lovers, family members, colleagues 35 (2.2)
Missing of their dead loved ones 9 (0.6)
Total Needing support around their emotion 1007 (64.6)
Sleep problems Life routines were disrupted 119 (7.6)
Changed emotion made them hard to sleep 105 (6.7)
Specific events made them hard to sleep 67 (4.3)
Relapse of pre-existing mental illness 26 (1.7)
Total Sleep problems 317 (20.3)
Consulting with others’ issues instead of themselves 11 (0.7)
  1. a Multiple options could be selected, therefore percentages may add to greater than 100