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Table 5 Multivariable negative binomial and logistic regression models associated with service utilization among women receiving psychosocial care for GBV in eastern Ukraine, 2016–2017 a

From: Factors associated with experiencing sexual violence among female gender-based violence survivors in conflict-afflicted eastern Ukraine

  IRR or AOR 95% CI Sharpened q-value
Days to seek MT services (IRR)
 Sexual violence (vs. physical violence) 1.17 0.98, 1.40 0.115
 Sexual violence (vs. non-contact violence) 1.27 1.08, 1.49 0.009
Previously reported incident (AOR)
 Sexual violence (vs. physical violence) 0.39 0.28, 0.54 0.001
 Sexual violence (vs. non-contact violence) 0.85 0.63, 1.16 0.240
  1. Note: GBV Gender based violence, MT Mobile team, IRR Incident rate ratio, AOR Adjusted odds ratio
  2. a Separate regressions were conducted to estimate access to services comparing survivors of sexual vs. physical and non-contact violence, separately, controlling for age and marital and residency status