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Table 1 Summary of key themes, sub themes and explanations

From: “Kids these days pretend to be grownups” (dekkaedaet): sexual control and negotiation among young Thai female students

Themes Sub themes Explanations for each theme
Attitudes towards sexuality • Abstinence
• Pregnancy
• Sexual rights
Students’, teachers’, and parents’ attitudes towards sexual relations among teenagers
Practice of sexuality • Sexual practice viewed by family
• Sexual practice viewed by teachers
• Sexual practice viewed by students
• Sexual practice viewed by community /society/media
Sexual practices including controlling, monitoring, negotiating, opposing against all matters related to sexual relations in teenagers
Sex education • Attitudes towards teaching sex education in schools
• Knowledge of sexuality
• Access to knowledge of sexuality
• Application of knowledge of sexuality
Contexts of sex education in schools, knowledge of sexuality, access
to knowledge of sexuality and application of knowledge of sexuality.