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Table 1 Measure and range score of main variables in this study

From: The effect of cognition and affect on preventive behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study in China

Variables Variables Range of scores
   Min Max
Knowledge (KN) K1. Drinking alcohol won’t reduce coronavirus risk (T) 0 1
K2. Viruses are more virulent in cold and wet weather, thus turning on air-conditioners or heater up to 30 degree could fight the coronavirus. (F, reverse code)   
K3. The coronavirus lasts longest on smooth, non-porous surface, thus the virus survives longer on metal surface than sweater. (T)   
K4. Going out with ginger slices in the mouth can prevent the coronavirus. (F, reverse code)   
Negative emotion
N1. Sadness 1 5
N2. Fear   
N3. Anger   
N4. Shock   
Perceived risk of being infected (PR) R1. Self 0 100
R2. Others   
R3. Death if infected   
Going out for activities (GO) G1. Going out for work 1 4
G2. Going out for entertainment activities   
G3. Going out for daily necessities   
G4. Going out for social functions   
Preventive behaviors
P1. Wearing a mask 1 4
P2. Washing hands with water and soap   
P3. Avoiding hands shaking or hugging   
P4. Avoiding eating in restaurants